It’s not a patented process, a revolutionary system, or anything else that can be neatly
packaged up in a PDF and email blasted to whoever wants in. It’s a path someone can take to become the absolute strongest person they can possibly be—physically, mentally and spiritually.
We don’t get there by “encouraging” athletes or reinforcing whatever strengths they already possess. We do it by expertly identifying their weaknesses—things they usually have no idea are holding them back—and attacking those with ruthlessly intelligent countermeasures.Although it’s entirely fluid, and completely different for each individual, our approach is not
improvised. It’s informed both by tried-and-true methodology and state-of-the art sports science. Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coaching and Conjugate Tactical Coaching certifications, extensive coursework in the world-renowned N1 Biomechanics and Progressive Overload program, and deep expertise in Functional Range Conditioning and Mobility.
All of those things are formidable building blocks on their own, but they amount to nothing without the intuition to apply them to each individual, in the right combinations and proportions to propel that person to their most capable self. This, more than anything, is what makes Al Ghul Performance special. There are other coaches. Other experts. Other approaches. But few if any with the proven instincts to put it all together more consistently, or with better results.


The most advanced training principles in the world, expertly tuned to the determined individual.

We want to get to know you better!The application is a crucial step in your journey. In order to expedite the process and ensure that you get the most out of our program, please take your time to fill out all of the questions as thoroughly as possible.We will not share your information with anyone outside of Al Ghul Performance.Click below to get started!

Group Coaching

Train and compete with like-minded individuals

Get the most out of your workouts by training with Al Ghul Performance online groups.Train with other like-minded individuals who drive and push you to compete to be your very best. Take part in regular challenges and motivate each other to increase your fitness level. Talk about your goals, share tips, or just show off photos or videos from the gym (optional).

Online Coaching Membership

Inside every person is someone stronger than they could possibly imagine.

Our online memberships are designed to help you reach your goals.We know that every athlete is different so we want to help them in any way possible and will tailor our training sessions to suit them, whether they are just starting out or an experienced athlete. Our three membership options allow us to cater to all the services an athlete might need anywhere in the world.

In-Person Coaching Membership

Allow us to introduce you to the new you

Our in-person memberships are designed to help you reach goals you never imagined.We know that every athlete is special and we want to reinforce and bring out the best in each individual. Utilizing all of the habits and techniques that have cultivated my success you will be transformed into the superhero you were meant to be.

One on One Sessions

Let me expedite the process for you

Let’s face it; life is tough and the real world is even tougher. If you want it bad enough to make some sacrifices, then let me be your guide and mentor.By taking the time to learn from someone who has been in your shoes and has experienced similar obstacles as you have then there will be no more excuses for not accomplishing things others only dream of. Let’s make a plan that works for you so that success is just around the corner!


For those looking to conquer on their own

We believe in engaging your mind and body to create the life you truly want.Our programs are for those who are self-motivated and self-sufficient but want to ensure they get the results they desire. These programs contain cutting edge methodology and concepts if you are ready to change how you view training then we're the perfect influence.

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For the determined individual prepared to reach beyond themselves, we can say with certainty, there’s something astonishing on the other end. A version of you you’ve never met, who can do things you never thought possible. That self is there. Waiting to be realized.It would be our honor to introduce you.

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